I used to curate metroidvanias.com / metroidvanias.tumblr.com / Metroidvanias Twitter.

I can’t serve the scene in the same way, so I’m presenting this simple page as a portal for other resources that I like.

Other People’s Work

Metroidvanias Youtube Channel
Fantastic curation of trailers and gameplay demos.

Metroidvanias Sub-Reddit
One of the best places to scavenge for new titles.

MetroidvaniaBot Twitter
Neat little bot that scans and retweets Metroidvania posts on Twitter.

IsMetroidvania Twitter
New and small, but off to a great start!

GetIndieGaming Youtube Channel
Really swell in-depth looks + weekly/monthly indie release recaps.

Annapurna Interactive
Publishing the best games around. Please hire me to adore you on a daily basis.

Also publishing the best games around.

Gaming News Feeds and Reads

Nibel on Twitter

Wario64 on Twitter

Daniel Ahmad on Twitter

Tim Rogers on Twitter | Action Button on Youtube

My Current and Old Work

@metroidvanias Twitter
This is where I hang out. Mostly just me retweeting stuff.

This is the site I maintained frequently for 3 or 4 years. No longer. Still a good resource for a lot of underground titles.

Tools I Like

DaVinci ResolveFree, professional, user friendly video editing
OBSDisplay video capture and streaming
Notepad++Simple text editor
Visual Studio CodeSimple IDE for Python/Jupyter
EverythingWindows instant file search
GreenshotScreenshot utility
HandBrakeVideo conversion